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Dale Webber performing at the 1990 Florida Folk Festival (Main Stage)

Dale Webber performing at the 1990 Florida Folk Festival (Main Stage)

One reel to reel recording. Fitchen served as emcee. Fackeldey, Robertson, and Pennypacker apprenticed under banjoist Webber in 1990, through the FFP Apprenticeship program. The Folk Arts Apprenticeship Program began in 1983 with a NEA grant of $22,000. The program provided an opportunity for master folk artists to share technical skills and cultural knowledge with apprentices in order to keep the tradition alive. Apprentices must have had some experience in the tradition and agreed to train for at least six months. The first project director was Blanton Owen, later replaced by folklorist Peter Roller. The program was continued each year through 2003.
Meeting of the Florida Folklife Council, 15 July 1992

Meeting of the Florida Folklife Council, 15 July 1992

Five audio cassettes. Held at the Tarpon Springs Cultural Center in Tarpon Springs. Council Members present: Randall Reed, David Jumper, Diana Jarvis Godwin (vice-chair), Jan Milner (chair), Kathy Monahan, Rem Cabrera; Members absent: Yvonne Tucker; Florida Folklife Program Staff: Ormond Loomis (Director), Iris Green (secretary); Visitors: Bill & Jean Hewitt (Friends of Florida Folk), Dale & Jo Webber (Friends of Florida Folk), and Jim & Melanie Robertson (Friends of Florida Folk). For minutes and details of the meeting, see the S 1717, box 1, folder 6. The Florida Folklife Council (FFC) was created by legislation in 1979 (79-322, SB 1203) within the Department of State to advise the Secretary of State on issues relating to folk arts and folk life as well as stimulate and encourage statewide public interest and participation in folk arts and folklore, sponsor conferences and workshops throughout the state, and make recommendations for the development of a statewide Florida Folk Arts program. The Florida Folklife Council consists of seven members appointed by the Secretary of State for four-year terms.
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a_s1576_t90-111Dale Webber performing at the 1990 Florida Folk Festival (Main Stage)SoundFolk festivals
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a_s1717_04_tape066Meeting of the Florida Folklife Council, 15 July 1992SoundPublic officer
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