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Recordings of the Florida Folk Arts Conference

Recordings of the Florida Folk Arts Conference

Nine reel to reel recordings. Hosted by the Florida Folklife Program at the Stephen Foster Center (SFC), the conference included folklorists and historians from the Library of Congress (LOC), Smithsonian Institute (SI), University of Florida, as well as throughout Florida and the South. T78-301: John Roberts, director of the Stephen Foster Center makes opening remarks, along with Norman and Bulger. Session on the History of Florida Folklife by Bulger, Dr. Alton Morris, Dr. Ralph Boggs, and Florida Folk Festival director Thelma Boltin. T78-302: Boltin presentation continued. Plus answer and questions of the session. Session on Current Florida Folklife Program with Dr. Proctor talking on the Oral History Program at the University of Florida. T78-303: Questions for Proctor. Session continues with Dale Olsen talking about Florida ethnomusicology studies, and Bulger on the Florida Folklife Program. T78-304: Bulger continues. Session on the National and Regional centers of folklife with Georganne Fletcher from the Southern Federation of State Arts Agencies; Jabbour from the American Folklife Center; Blackman from Agrirama; and Yerkovich from the NEA. T78-305: Yerkovich continues. Session of Folklore and the Media with Charles Brown of the Folk Arts Media Project of the Charleston Communication Center; and George Reynolds, author of Foxfire. T78-306: Reynolds continues. Bill Ferris speaks on the Center of Southern Folklore. Shows film entitled Four Women Artists. T78-307: Session on Collecting folklife with Ralph Rinzler on the American Folklife Festival; and R. Thomas King on the Florida State Museum. T78-308: King continues. Theodore Grame on the Study Center for American Musicl Pluralism. T78-309: Session on presenting folklife with Pat Waterman on the Applied Anthropology Program at USF; Charles Hall on Agrirama; and Thomson on the Southern Folklore Quarterly. Final session on recommendations, led by Flemming and Bulger. Three concerts were presented in connection with the conference: The McClain Family on 15 January at the Stephen Foster Center (see T78-310); and Jean Ritchie, Alan Jabour, and the Bucksnort Barndance Band at the Lake City American Legion Hall on 14 January (see T78-311 through T78-313); and Jean Ritchie at the Stephen Foster Center on 16 January 1978 (T78-313 and T78-314.) For images from the conference, see S 1577, box 16, folder 33. For a film of the conference, see S 1615, video V-192.
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