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Interview with Jamie B. Jordan

Interview with Jamie B. Jordan

Two audio cassettes. C78-57: Side 1: Jordan discusses dishes and foods indigenous to her household, central Northern Florida, and the rest of the South: rice and black-eyed peas, rice and tomatoes, mince meat pie, liver pudding, mustard greens and cornbread dumplings, sweet potato pie, and fruit cobblers. She also explains how to make hog's headcheese. In addition, she talks about preparing and eating polk salad greens, snakes, alligators, raccoon, gopher turtle, frogs' legs, etc. Side 2: Jordan talks about okra, planting by the moon and on Good Friday, Dog Days, delivering babies, home remedies, and root doctors. C78-58: Side 1: On her belief in witchcraft, her feelings on root doctors, on people poisoned and cured by witchcraft, a hurricane that hit Miami in 1927/1928, poisoning with snakes, and palm readers. In addition, Jordan discusses cures for boils, labor pains, childbirth, midwives, morning sickness, etc. Side 2: Jordan talks about her sister's illness and treatment by root doctors, her experiences at the Red Barn restaurant, and an FBI investigation on locals in her area.
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