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Minorcan Cultural Exchange Tour at University of Florida

Minorcan Cultural Exchange Tour at University of Florida

One video cassette (3/4" tape). 10 minutes. Wickamn, a folklorist and a Minorcan American, served as the emcee. The Minorcan Cultural Exchange Tour, which ran from 10/6-13/1983, was created through an agreement between Florida Dept. of State and Minorca to celebrate Florida's two hundred year Minorcan heritage. First brought over as workers for a British plantation in the 1770s, most soon escaped the harsh working conditions and settled in St. Augustine. The tour, organized by Secretary of State George Firestone, the Bureau of Florida Folklife (Bulger, Belland, Loomis), Division of Historical Resources (Jean Lee and Paul Weaver) and the Florida Museum of History (Pat Wickman). The tour, with 140 performers and delegates from Minorca, consisted of a series of public performances and emerged out of the smaller program, the Minorcan Heritage Week held in May 1983. The tour traveled from St. Augustine, to the University of Florida, to EPCOT, to Cypress Gardens, then finally to Miami for departure back to Spain. Some records for the tour can be found in S 1578, Box 3, folder 81.
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