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National Public Radio (NPR) recording Florida folklife

National Public Radio (NPR) recording Florida folklife

Three black and white prints (plus negatives). Images of NPR journalists Berger and Epstein (seen with recording equipment). Berger worked for NPR for over twenty years. She had a BA from Bryn Mawr, and journalism masters for the University of Missouri. In 1999, she joined the American Jewish Committee. A former blues performer, Sadie Cooper stopped singing blues songs in the 1920s, and performed only religious songs from then on. She participated in the Folklife program by demonstrating to students how to make brooms and herbal cures. The Folk Arts in Schools Project in Columbia and Hamilton County was a joint venture between the county school systems and the Florida Folklife Program. The project consisted of field research to identify local traditions and folk artists, and in-school programs conducted by a folklorist and traditionalist, which included visits by local folk artists.
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National Public Radio (NPR) recording Florida folklifeNational Public Radio (NPR) recording Florida folklifeStill ImageJournalists
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