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Lace by Cynthia Burh

Lace by Cynthia Burh

Six color slides. Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, Burh learned lace making from her mother in Indiana in the late 1970s. The Florida Folk Arts Survey was conducted in 1987 by folklorists Tina Bucuvalis, Steve Fragos, Merri Belland, and Barbara Seitz as preliminary research for a joint folk art between the Florida Folklife Program and the Florida Museum of History. The field researchers focused on those areas previously overlooked by FFP staff. The research focused on identifying folk artists and locating appropriate exhibit objects.
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Lace by Cynthia BurhLace by Cynthia BurhStill ImageNeedleworkers
Lace and lace making
Material culture
Decorative arts
Bobbin lace