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Film of the 1961 Florida Folk Festival

Film of the 1961 Florida Folk Festival

One 16mm film. 25 minutes. Sound & silent. (User copy can be found on video V-199 FLDA002) This film contains footage of participants and performers at the 1961 Florida Folk Festival held at the Stephen Foster Memorial in White Springs, Florida. It opens with the artist and Oklahoma Creek Indian Fred Beaver standing on the banks of the Suwannee River, recounting the history of the Seminole Indians and the origin of the Suwannee River 's name. Next, four Seminoles sing in the native Seminole language. Through translator Frank Shore, Seminole Billy Tiger explains how he uses a medicine branch to cure the mentally ill. Jessie DeVane of Lake Placid talks with Seminole Chief Billy Bowlegs III about his adventures hunting bear, deer and turkey. Nancy, Mary Jane and Molly Shore, daughters of Seminole Frank Shore, sing "Jesus Loves Me" in their native language. A group of young men from Tarpon Springs dressed in traditional Greek attire dance. Whip-crackers Curly Dekle and Claude Sheppard demonstrate tricks. There are additional shots of visitors touring the park. The film ends with a choir dressed in period costumes singing. Produced by Peter Elgar Productions.
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