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Glenn Lee performing sacred steel music with a band at a House of God church

Glenn Lee performing sacred steel music with a band at a House of God church

One audio cassette recording. (Duplicate can be found on tape 5.) Recorded at a Church of God church (not during church services)in Perrine, Florida. The band consisted of Glenn Lee (steel guitar), Alvin Lee (bass), Benjamin Beckford (drums), and John Hampton (guitar). Excerpted from a longer recording (see tapes 18-20 in S 2044). The Sacred Steel Guitar Recording Project originated in 1992 when Florida Folklife Program folklorist Robert Stone discovered that several predominantly African American House of God churches (a sub-sect of the Pentecostal church) in the St. Petersburg area were using steel guitars in their religious services. The practice began by Willie and Troman Eason in the 1930s, and expanded upon by players such as Henry Nelson and Lorenzo Harrison. Realizing that this was a unique musical tradition, labeled Sacred Steel, the Florida Folklife Program to applied for a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to conduct fieldwork and create a music album for public dispersal. The aim of the project was to increase public awareness of the gospel steel guitar tradition, as well as document it for future generations. Matched with state funds, the grant period originally ran from October 1993 through October 1994, but was extended for another year. In that time Stone, along with sound engineers William Dudley and Mike Stapleton, interviewed and recorded several steel guitarists in the St. Petersburg area. An album entitled Sacred Steel was released in 1995. It was then re-released through an agreement with Arhoolie Records in 1997.
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