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Mexican dance at the Quality Inn in Deland

Mexican dance at the Quality Inn in Deland

Three reel to reels. Recording of the Latino dance band, Los Errantes de Chua Nuevo Leon, performing at a Mexican American dance in the Quality Inn. In winter 1985, the Bureau contracted with two folklorists to conduct a folk arts survey of the St. Johns River basin in northeastern Florida. The St. Johns River is the largest and most used river in Florida, supporting much river commerce as well as a modest amount of commercial fishing. Folklorists Mary Anne McDonald and Kathleen Figgen conducted the survey from January through March 1985 under the direction of Folklife Coordinator Blanton Owen and Bureau Chief Ormond Loomis. Documentation compiled in the survey was used to prepare and present the St. Johns River Basin Folklife Area at the 1985 Florida Folk Festival.
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