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Performance by the W.C. Baker and the Dixieland Cooperates

Performance by the W.C. Baker and the Dixieland Cooperates

Three reel to reel tapes. (Copied onto C86-129/130/131). Recording of W.C. Baker and the Dixieland Cooperates at the Tobacco Road Club in Miami. A few the songs includes guest singer Danny Kaye. The five-piece Dixieland band consisted of leader William (Big Boy) Baker (bass), Emmanuel Cruz (saxophone), Alexander Pope (drums), Willie Gaddy (guitarist) and Ernie Ambrister (trombone). Baker, born in Live Oak, was a blues singer known as Big Boy Baker in the 1930s-1950s. He recorded numerous records in Florida and Chicago, and even won Amateur Night at the Apollo in 1948. He moved to Miami in the 1950s. After a car accident in the 1950s, he switched to Dixieland jazz, and formed the Dixie Cooperates. NOTE: According to the depositor agreement, Baker's performances cannot be used for commercial purposes. For an interview with Baker, see S 1576, T86-90 - T86-91. For more information, see the fieldnotes on W.C. Baker in S 1628, Box 1, folder 10. The Dade Folk Arts Survey was conducted in 1986 by folklorists Tina Bucuvalas, Nancy Nusz and Laurie Sommers in order to identify folk arts and folk artists for the special folklife area at the 34th Annual Florida Folk Festival. The traditions are mainly Haitian, Jamaican, Mexican, Bahamian, Cuban and Jewish and cover a wide range of skills and art forms.
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