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Recordings of the 1984 Suwannee River Jamboree (First Day)

Recordings of the 1984 Suwannee River Jamboree (First Day)

Thirteen reel to reel recordings. Recordings of the first day of the 1984 Suwannee River Jamboree homecoming held at the Stephen Foster State Cultural Center, the first reunion to celebrate the original Live Oak-produced radio program of the same name. The concert included music performances, recounted stories, a recreation of a radio program, and clog dancing. Folklorist Blanton Owen, a renowned old-time musician, hosted the event. Between 1952 and 1959, the Suwannee River Jamboree radio show -- broadcast from Live Oak, Florida on WNER -- was Florida's largest and best known country music show. It was broadcast live three hours every Saturday night, with 30-minute versions syndicated across the Southeast. The show featured many North Florida and Southeast acts such as the Stanley Brothers, Jim and Jesse McReynolds, the White Springs Ramblers, and Clare Parker, as well as nationally famous guests such as Ernest Tubb, Grandpa Jones, and Ferlin Husky. The concert in these recordings was held in 1985 as a homecoming for the original radio series, and included several local bluegrass bands. A similar jamboree was held the next year (see T85-93 - T85-99; T85-107 - T85-108; and T85-149 for the 1985 concert.) For images of the 1985 program, see S 1577, Volume 27, S85-1311 - S85-1330.
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