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Gospel singers at the Jacksonville Arts Mania Festival

Gospel singers at the Jacksonville Arts Mania Festival

Two audio DAT tapes. Grace was a gospel singing group that consisted of Reynolds, Scott, and Witherspoon-Hackley, all of whom were at the time Folklife Program Apprentices under Starling. Master artist Starling is also featured. Also pictured are other unidentified African American gospel groups performing. The Jacksonville Arts Mania Festival began in 1966 and was held annually until 1994. It was a multi-day festival held in the fall either in late September or early October. It had a multitude of activities including visual arts, a film festival, folklife demonstrations, theater and music, a Kid's Korner, and senior citizens' activities. In 1990, it was held at the Jacksonville Landing. Images of the performances can be found in S 1669, box 1, folders 1 and 2.
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