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Saturday performances at the 2001 Florida Folk Festival (Main Stage) (Tape 6)

Saturday performances at the 2001 Florida Folk Festival (Main Stage) (Tape 6)

One digital audio tape (DAT). Milner served as emcee. Hood was president of the Florida State Fiddlers Association. Matthews was the director of the Florida Division of Historical Resources (which housed the Florida Folklife Program). She presented all awards. The Florida State Fiddle Contest was held each year at the Festival on Saturdays (the stages varied from year to year). The winners were allowed to perform on the Main Stage that evening. The winners for 2001 were: Jonathan Hodge (contemporary); Kathy Agar & Ian Malinowksi (twin fiddle); Lloyd Baldwin (rustic); and Puck Pottsberg (junior). Winners of the 2001 Florida Folk Heritage Awards dug-out canoe maker Bobby Henry, Russian iconographer Alexander Jasiukowicz, Irish fiddler James Kelly, traditional Hawaiian artist Henry Ohumukini, fiddler Richard Seaman, and folk singer/songwriter Jeanie Fitchen. Based on recommendations from the Florida Folklife Council, the Secretary of State confers Florida Folk Heritage Awards annually. The awards are given to outstanding folk artists and folk culture advocates who have made long-standing contributions to the folk cultural resources of the state. Established in 1985, the program parallels the National Heritage Fellowships. Johnson was the district bureau chief for the Florida Park Service, District 2. Williams was the director for the Florida Folklife Council.
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