Manuscript on Malaria by Dr. Alonzo Lashbrook Blalock, M. D., of Madison County, Florida.

Date: 1920-1950

Series: N2009-9 - Papers, ca. 1920-1950.

Personal and medical papers of Alonzo Lashbrook Blalock, a Madison, Florida, physician.

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Early Florida Medicine


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spleen and liver and bone marrow. It is authentically established
that quinine circulating in the blood current does not destroy the
adult parasites, but only the sprorozoites of those that sproulate at
that particular time-meaning of course the death of the mother germs.
this leaves according to able authority , in the human system
somewhere malarial parasites both male and female. So, if I have any
explanation of why I prefer calomel as an eliminant (cathartic) in
malarial fevers, it is because I believe it destroys the parasites
in the mucous membranes, the lymphatics and the liver. This is evi-
denced by the clinical observation that it requires only about half
the amount of quinine in a given case, if administered in conjunction
with a course of mercuric chloride.
My old preceptor of 1882 commonly almost invariably, prescribed
twelve pills, containing each two grains of quinine, one grain of
calomel, one of pulv. Rhubarb and two of Bicarb. Soda, directing one
every two hours regularly till all were taken. I observed that it
generally "broke the fever" - if it didn't , he simply repeated the
course for another twenty-four hours. Unless a very obstinate case,
the patient got well, but often he had a sore mouth to treat during
convalescence. My honored Prof. Bartholow, who excelled in Thera-
peutics and Materia Medica, advised against this plan of treatment,
recommending one or two small doses of calomel followed by a saline
and then a single large dose of quinine about three hours before time
for the chill. this was my plan for a few years, but for reasons I
will explain further on, I have adopted a procedure that is somewhat
of a XXXXXXXXXXX compromise on the two plans. To be brief, I will
give the prescriptions.
No. 1 <(Perscription symbol "Rx"Partially handwritten)> < Quinine Sulfur gr X 11/y -grX v
Phenacetin grX-grX11/y
Hydro ang chlor mitis grv 1/j -gr X
Soda Bicarb grX-grXv
M. Fit. Caps vj. Seg; (Handwritten) >

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