"Ode to Health;

Date: 1896-1903

Series: N2009-5 - Civil War veterans medical journal, 1896-1903.

Civil War Veterans Medical Journal.

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Early Florida Medicine


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Ah! What is grandeur, -what is wealth-
Mere triffles they, -what are they worth
Compared to that first blessing, Health,
The greatest boon to man on earth?
O, give me that which Health affords,
I'll covet not the miser's hoards!

O, blest Hygea, hither haste,
And lead my to thy favored seat;
O, let be, ere life ends, to taste
The joys of thy serene retreat;
There let me rest in soft repose,
And drink oblivion to my woes!"
C.G. Skinner, Waverly Magazine.
Satan, although he has the reputation of being the
"father of lies," told the truth when he said, "all that a
man hath will he give for his life." And the venders
of secret nostrums understand the value which people
set upon health, and therefore take the advantage of
their necessity, and credulity, and thousands are thus cheated and humbugged not only out of their money but also out of their lives!! Why do men condemn secret societies, and at the same time advertise, and recommend secret nostrums?

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