Civil War Veterans Medical Journal of Dr. Thomas H. Hammond of Oxford, Florida, 1896-1903.

Date: 1896-1903

Series: N2009-5 - Civil War veterans medical journal, 1896-1903.

Civil War Veterans Medical Journal.

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Early Florida Medicine


[page 193]

[four diagrams of male physique]

Producing numbness - subjective only.
Impaired disability of right arm disability 9/18
Scar of right ankle just above internal malleollus, nor
painful or tender no disability
Age, disability total, shell wound of left hand subjective
only. Heart and lungs good, no albumen in the urine
disabilities not due to vicious habits.

PROVIDED FURTHER, That all examinations shall be thorough and searching, and the certificate contain a full
description of the physical condition of the claimant at the time, which shall include all the physical and rational signs
and a statement of all the structural changes.---[Extract from Section 4, Act of Congress approved July 25, 1882.]

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