Civil War Veterans Medical Journal of Dr. Thomas H. Hammond of Oxford, Florida, 1896-1903.

Date: 1896-1903

Series: N2009-5 - Civil War veterans medical journal, 1896-1903.

Civil War Veterans Medical Journal.

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Early Florida Medicine


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Department of the Interior,
WASHINGTON, D. C., March 29, 1898.
To Boards of Examining Surgeons
Of the Bureau of Pensions:
It has come to the notice of the Bureau that some examining boards have a number of applicants in
the examination rooms at the same time and examine claimants in the presence of others, and that other
boards examine two or three applicants at one and the same time, each member of a board examining an
applicant, instead of three members jointly examining the same applicant.
Only one applicant shall be in the examining room at a time, and only one applicant shall be exam-
ined a t a time, all the members present joining in the examination.
Each board should have a suitable waiting room to accommodate those who are awaiting an exam-
J. F. Raub,
Medical Referee
H. Caly Evans,
Commissioners of Pensions.

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