Civil War Veterans Medical Journal of Dr. Thomas H. Hammond of Oxford, Florida, 1896-1903.

Date: 1896-1903

Series: N2009-5 - Civil War veterans medical journal, 1896-1903.

Civil War Veterans Medical Journal.

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Early Florida Medicine


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Dr. T. H. Hammond
Town, Oxford
State, Fla.
Sent out , 189 .
Department of the Interior,
Washington, D. C., January 1, 1892
This record being one of the archives of this Bureau should be carefully preserved from
blots, mutilations, or injuries of any kind. It must also be preserved from inspection.
In issuing this record to the Examining Surgeons, it is hoped to secure and preserve a history
of the disability of disabilities in every case. The "particular description" should, therefore,
embrace as much of detail as possible.
In making an examination, the Surgeon should observe every cause of disability and note it
in the record. In every case the record should be an exact transcript from the certificate.
Carefully kept, it will be of immense value to this Bureau; without care, of no value.
Upon the resignation or removal of the Surgeon having charge of this record, or when the
book is filled or called for, it must be mailed at once to this Bureau.
The Examining Surgeon must affix his signature, not only to the certificate, but to the copy
made in the record, and at the time the same is made.
A Surgeon who record of examination has been nearly filled should make requisition for
a new one, by letter, and state that the filled record will be transmitted by mail to this Bureau.
Pending the arrival of a new record, duplicate certificates must be retained for entering upon its
All special examinations must be designated, and entered in the record in the order of their
dates with the others.
Separate books, for Original and Increase examinations will not kept, the present form of
blank being specially designed for either class.
Communications to this Bureau should not be inclosed [sic] in any package nor in envelopes
attached thereto.
So much of paragraph 36, "Instructions to Examining Surgeons, 1891," as relates to the
construction of duplicate certificate4s by Single Surgeons becomes inoperative upon the receipt
of this record.
Green B Raum

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