Hookworm Diary of Dr. C. T. Young.

Date: April 16, 1910

Series: S 915 - Florida State Board of Health.

C. T. Young Diary on Hookworm Eradication Campaign, 1910.

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Early Florida Medicine


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% for Orlando slightly over 25 Country
Children running up [illegible]
New building - good teacher
excellent school.

April 6th
With the colored doctor J.B. Callahan
inspected the negro school
121 present - all that were frank enough to
admit it gave a history ground itch
72 were selected for microscopical exam
40 gave suspicious symptoms and 26 were
slightly anemic. H.W. in the negro is a puzzle
to me. I turned down the eye lid - felt of
their shoulder blades and stomachs
then asked them and their teachers
questions in trying to reach conclusion
Exam 2 specs Dr Persons both neg.
Got up a little piece for the editor
Reporter Star

Apr. 7th
With Dr. Pillan went down
to pine castle inspected school
3 lady teachers

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