Hookworm Diary of Dr. C. T. Young.

Date: January 13, 1910

Series: S 915 - Florida State Board of Health.

C. T. Young Diary on Hookworm Eradication Campaign, 1910.

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Early Florida Medicine


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Jan 13th.
Spent today investigating
suspicious case scarlet fever
at Wilbiston [?]. Report of … [illegible]
in full mailed.

Jan 14th.
Examined 3 specimens 1 pos.
2 neg. Sent about 50 to the
laboratory. Met several people by … [illegible]
a few called during my absence in ofc.
This aft. drove to Medulla - school
had been suspended for the term.
Went on 11/2 miles further to Chresteria [?]
where I met Dr. Pearce, who does
all the work for those sections. He is
familiar with the disease, is treating it
and has microscope. Says that the
most of them are so ignorant he
… [illegible] has to blind fold [?] them to treat
them, most of them if they know what he is about
wont take the medicine. And …[ illegible] of
the suspicion asking for specimen … [illegible]
… [illegible] ahead without it.

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