Warning of the Imminent Threat of a Leprosy Epidemic.

Date: September 5, 1888

Series: S 900 - Florida State Board of Health Record Group.

Subject files, 1875-1975.

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Early Florida Medicine


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This and the so called local business
interest, created so much excitement against
me, that I had to leave K.W. suddenly.
It will soon come to the surface, that all
what was done against my efforts to promote
isolation of the Lepers, and to give them
human like existence [sic], was done by a certain
"Ring" one substantial of which is the Board
of Health, namely Dr. Porter! All other Drs.,
and four fifth of the population of K.W. are
on my side entirely.
I would have gone directly to Tallahassee,
to see the Governor of this state, but the pres-
ent quarantine makes this impossible, and
I will wait for your answer here.
In my letter to you from K.W., I was af-
raid to state the approximative [sic] number
of Lepra cases, as I know it - but here, away
from the immediate danger, I think it my
duty to tell you, that the true number is
far above fifty developed cases!

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