Disinfection and Fumigation after the Death of a Person with Yellow Fever.

Date: October 17, 1888

Series: S 868 - Yellow fever epidemic incoming correspondence, 1888.

Incoming correspondence to Joseph Y. Porter.

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Early Florida Medicine




JJ. Daniel, President; P. McQuaid, Vice-President; Dr. J.C. L’Engle, Treasure; Chas. S. Adams, Secretary; Jas. M. Fairlie, Cor. Secretary.

Executive Committee:

J.J. Daniel.

P. McQuaid.

J.M. Schumacher.

Dr. J.C. L’Engle.

C.G. Elliott.

P.E. McMurray.

W.A. McDuff.


Office of

Jacksonville Auxiliary Sanitary Association,

16 ½ West Bay Street.

P.O. Box 749. Telephone 108.



Jacksonville, Fla. ………………….. 188


Dr. Porter, (5).



Board of Health to confer on you and those under your direction, full

authority to enter houses for all purposes of disinfection.

I need not assure you that the Executive Committee will

render you all assistance in their power.

Yours very truly,

P. M. Quaid




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