Disinfection and Fumigation after the Death of a Person with Yellow Fever.

Date: October 17, 1888

Series: S 868 - Yellow fever epidemic incoming correspondence, 1888.

Incoming correspondence to Joseph Y. Porter.

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Early Florida Medicine




JJ. Daniel, President; P. McQuaid, Vice-President; Dr. J.C. L’Engle, Treasure; Chas. S. Adams, Secretary; Jas. M. Fairlie, Cor. Secretary.

Executive Committee:

J.J. Daniel.

P. McQuaid.

J.M. Schumacher.

Dr. J.C. L’Engle.

C.G. Elliott.

P.E. McMurray.

W.A. McDuff.


Office of

Jacksonville Auxiliary Sanitary Association,

16 ½ West Bay Street.

P.O. Box 749. Telephone 108.



Jacksonville, Fla. ………………….. 188


Dr. Porter, (3).



Second, From existing conditions as above stated, there are so few

able to bear the loss of such property as should be destroyed to

prevent spread of infection, that the Committee believe it would be

wise and within the scope of the law, for the Government to announce

that it would pay for all property destroyed under your orders. Such

action would remove any danger of secreting infected articles by the

owners, which we fear might be attempted by those unable to bear

the loss, if otherwise.

Rule 2.- In reference to this rule providing that applications

to the Government for reimbursement for destruction of infected mate-

rial, should be referred to the Committee on Claims of the Citizens

Auxiliary Association, the Committee feels that in view of the fact

that the work of disinfection and fumigation may require months to

complete after the end of this epidemic, and as the members of that

Committee have gratuitously devoted their time and services to the


work during the epidemic, and will be compelled to give their atten-

tion to their personal interests as soon as business can be resumed,

that a competent person should be appointed by you as an appraiser for

the Government, who should, in conjunction with a representative of

the owner of the property to be destroyed, determine its [illegible].


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