Disinfection and Fumigation after the Death of a Person with Yellow Fever.

Date: October 17, 1888

Series: S 868 - Yellow fever epidemic incoming correspondence, 1888.

Incoming correspondence to Joseph Y. Porter.

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Early Florida Medicine





JJ. Daniel, President; P. McQuaid, Vice-President; Dr. J.C. L’Engle, Treasure; Chas. S. Adams, Secretary; Jas. M. Fairlie, Cor. Secretary.

Executive Committee:

J.J. Daniel.

P. McQuaid.

J.M. Schumacher.

Dr. J.C. L’Engle.

C.G. Elliott.

P.E. McMurray.

W.A. McDuff.


Office of

Jacksonville Auxiliary Sanitary Association,

16 ½ West Bay Street.

P.O. Box 749. Telephone 108.



Jacksonville, Fla. Oct. 17, 1888.


Joseph Y. Porter, H. D.,

Surgeon in Charge Government Relief Measures,







My dear Sir :-

Your favor of IIth inst., with accompanying copies of

letter of instructions to Dr. Dem. Echemendia, Chief of the Disinfect-

ing and Fumigating Staff, and copy of rules and regulations relating

to the subject of disinfection and fumigation, has been duly received,

and have had careful consideration by the Executive Committee of the

Jacksonville Auxiliary Sanitary Association to-day, and believing that

you desire an expression of their opinions thereon, I am directed to

communicate to you their views, and at the same time express their

confidence in your judgment and ability to devise and execute such

measures as will exterminate the germs of disease in this city and

prevent a visitation of this terrible scourge another season.

As you already know, the transfer of Dr. Dem. Echemendia

and his staff, and placing the disinfecting and fumigating of the houses

where yellow fever has occurred, to the Marine Hospital Services, was

advocates and approved by this Committee.


Rules 1, 2 and 3 we fully concur in.


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