Letter to Joseph Porter About Government Relief Regulations.

Date: November 26, 1888

Series: S 868 - Yellow fever epidemic incoming correspondence, 1888.

Incoming correspondence to Joseph Y. Porter.

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Early Florida Medicine


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were two cases of fever - attended by a
regulation nurse from the city - who had
the fever which in the house (a church
where a refugee family were quarantined)-
as I also understand, a Physician from
the city attended them, (Dr. Cuzman.)
The teacher& also Trustee opened school
in the infected house - and two of
Mr. Peterson children attend school.
Several have withdrawn their children on
this account. The teacher & trustee's name
is Kendall. Peterson <inserted in line; + members of his family> pass back & forth to
the city often. The other day one or more were
on the boat -Georgia - while they had the
fever in his household still.
There is much complaint and indig-
nation felt because he now openly
sets at defiance Health Rules &c. and has
no regard for safety of his neighbors.
I am not at liberty to give the names
of the writers of the papers, but I know of
the existing state of affairs.
[tear in document ] Presbyterian Clergyman [tear in document]

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