Ordinance Providing for the Fumigation and Disinfection of the Town of MacClenny.

Date: December 19, 1888

Series: S 577 - State governors' incoming correspondence, 1857-1888.

County Correspondence - County Boards of Health of: 1888 Escambia, Putnam, and Volusia

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Early Florida Medicine


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Sec. 3
All persons are hereby forbidden to rem
ove or conceal any article of personal
property that may have become infected
during the epidemic, but are required
to deliver each and every article that
have been in infected rooms to said
Dr. Posey or his agents and servants
without delay whenever same is called
Sec. 4
Any person violating any of the
provisions of this ordinances, shall upon
upon conviction thereof, be imprisoned
60 days or find [sic] the sum of one
hundred dollars in the discretion
of the court.
Passed in open session by the Council
at 7,45 p.m. December 18th 1888.
Approved by the mayor Dec. 19th 1888.

J.D. Messet [?]
Acting Clerk

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