Permission to Travel.

Date: August 12, 1882

Series: N044924 - Life insurance policy with yellow fever exclusion clause.

Florida Photographic Collection.

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Early Florida Medicine


Permission is hereby given to George
Lewis whose life is assured by our Polic y No. 247.446
to travel and reside in the State of Florida at all seasons,
with right to visit any part of the Southern States; pro-
vided that he does not visit any place in which Yellow
Fever prevails at the time; and provided that his stay
outside of Florida and the limits allowed by said policy
shall not, in any one season between July 1st and
November 1st, exceed thirty (30) days;
provided always, that default in payment of the premiums stipulated in said Polic renders
this Permit null and void; and that all the conditions, limitations, and requirements of said
Polic , except as herein expressly modified, remain in full force.
This Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States.
New York, 12 th day of August 1882 [illegible signature]
Free Permit Time unlimited


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