Dr. West Letter from Brandy Station, Virginia, to His Sister in Florida.

Date: October 12 through November 30, 1862

Series: M73-15 - West family.

Papers, 1827-1881.

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Early Florida Medicine


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tion was received and accepted a few months ago.
(XHe was not of much force to the [Regt?] even when he
was here. Two months ago we had entirely too much
marching & now we have none at all. Our Regt being so
small & insignificant I do not think another chaplain
will be assigned to it.X) Soldiers find it a very hard
thing to live true & devoted christians in the Army from
the force of circumstances & mode of living.
If there was ever a time in the history of our country when
The people should be religious in every sense of that of that word
It is certainly at this period. (And when I think of the
great sinfulness of the people composing the Confederacy both
in and out of the Army it is not a great wonder to me
that God does not put a stop to this cruel war which
occasions so much distress in our land. I can't see
very much amendment in the conduct of the people
one to another. I think the depravity of the human heart
is more plainly exhibited in this struggle for inde-
pendence than upon any other occasion) I do hope
the day is not far distant when we will be far from
the troubles of war and bloodshed and once more
enjoy peace and happiness throughout our whole country.
The idea of an early peace which many persons entertained
the first part of this year has fled from their minds
like the morning dew before the sun and now I believe
there are very few who does not think the war will have
last several years longer. There is no news of any
interest stirring in camp that I know of at this
time. We are still stationed near Brandy Station
within seven miles of Culpeper and I suppose

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