Dr. West Letter from Brandy Station, Virginia, to His Sister in Florida.

Date: October 12 through November 30, 1862

Series: M73-15 - West family.

Papers, 1827-1881.

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Early Florida Medicine


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Camp near Brandy Station
Army Northern Va.
Nov 6th 1863
Mrs A. M. Watson
Marianna Fla.
Dear Sister,
Your interesting letter of the 21st
weltime came safely to hand a few days ago through the politous
of Capt. F. M. Farley and I was as glad as usual to hear from
you and at the same time, to learn that you and the other
members of the family swim in the enjoyment of good health.
I hope this may find you still able to go to your meals & to do
justice to them when you go. I am very much pleased to
hear of such a great revival of religion going on in Marianna
and to hear of so many sound conversions and accessions to
the church. It is s of no little pleasure to the soldiers in
the army to receive such good and encouraging news from
his home. May the Lord continue the good work until the last
sinner is converted to Christ and every member of the church
becomes more firmly established in the faith of the Gospel of
Christ. It would certainly ne a great [insert] treat for me to attend a
religious revival and I assure you it would be appreciated
as a feast for my soul. It is true we have been before with
occasional revivals in the army, but are altogether different
in character to such as you speak of. We have very little spreading
in our Brigade at this time, in fact, there is only one chaplain [insert illegible] out
of them in the Brig. and his health is too bad for him to preach
to the soldiers much. The chaplain of our Regt. left us sometime
in March last on a few "days leave" to visit Richmond & has
not returned since. I heard the other day that he had
recently married a lady in Georgia. I think his resigna

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