Dr. Arthur Moray Randolph Account of His Trip to Attend to His Dying Son.

Date: October 12 through November 30, 1862

Series: M75-86 - Randolph family.

Papers, 1820-1978.

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Early Florida Medicine


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Sunday 30th
I left for home under the cruel deception that my son was virtually
out of danger. Yet in 9 days he was a corpse, God forgive me and
the Doctors.

Left in Mr Fosters hands $275
Paid servants $6
Gave Adam 5
Have in hand 205
and some small change

To and at Culpepper 28.00
To Gordonsville 3.00
To and at Richmond 8.00
To Welden 4
To Augusta 18.85
To and at Sava. 5.50
To No 17 8.50
To and at Monticello 6
To Tall. 1.75

A small slip of paper included in the book has one sketch on each
side. Under a head on one side is a note "other side Eston
sketched himself surveying in Appalachie swamp Decr 1859".

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