L. B. Randolph Letter to His Friend, Miss Susan I. Harrison.

Date: January 11, 1829

Series: M75-86 - Randolph family.

Papers, 1820-1978.

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Early Florida Medicine


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like mother & son -- beautiful he was - but why do I not come to the
point? He was smitten with disease & in four days taken from me.
It was a dreadful fever that raged at Francis' - we were there & my
poor boy was the first of the white family that had it, & in his case I
believe it was yellow fever. Frances & all the children were ill, two of
them dangerously so. Sister escaped altogether, and I was permitted to aid
her in nursing all the rest, before I was taken. From the middle of
October until about Xmas I was confined to the house & often to my bed -
& during much of that time I was here alone, for Mary did not get back
until December - her arrival with James & Arthur cheered me so much
that I began to get better immediately. Through my difficulties &
dangers they were led back in safety, & I have ever since as if the
Lord had put a new song in my mouth, eve of praise to my God, who
hath love all things well. -- Papa had two right severe attacks of chills
and fever in the summer and fall and has been very feeble an thin until lately
he now begins to like himself again. He loves your mother dearly
and thinks much and often speaks of you all. Remember me affectionately
to each and all of your dear circle. May the Lord bless you my dear
friend and comfort you with His presence and his love.

Believe me with your unaltered affection,
Your L. B. R.

Mary sends her love & to Mrs. James.
I hope I shall be able to say more when
I write again.


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