L. B. Randolph Writing to his mother, Mrs. Thomas Eston Randolph.

Date: June 19, 1829

Series: M75-86 - Randolph family.

Papers, 1820-1978.

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Early Florida Medicine


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already written directions to Francis. I think it is very
important for your comfort, that your own house should
be ready for you. we do not regard scuffling. but a
crowded log house would not do for you. dearest mother
how I long for your arrival & how delighted I shall be
to have a home once more - even if L. and myself fix in
Tallahassee, we shall be with you some part of every
week and I promise myself great pleasure in having once again
a place of our own. Papa will be delighted with the
lands here.
We lost our poor cow at last. after travelling so far
and really improving on the way, she was unlucky
enough to fall into a hole in passing one of the swamps,
and was too much hurt that she did not live 24
hours after. we were very sorry for her. the
teams are in excellent order. --- all the
servants are well except William and he is much
better. For ourselves - Elizabeth & Mary are
perfectly well & in excellent spirits. Francis and
Arthur the same, & the children perfectly delighted.
I am mending & shall soon be strong again I hope.
God bless you dear mother, & all of you my beloved ones.
God only knows how entirely my happiness & my very
existence is bound up with yours.
Ever the same
Love to all friends in Lynchburg. Tell Lucy to bring
out a store of ink powders, quills and corset laces, & a sup-
ply of good drawing paper, crayons & paints. these she
must get from Richmond.



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