To Mrs. Thomas Eston Randolph, sister.

Date: September 6, 1829

Series: M75-86 - Randolph family.

Papers, 1820-1978.

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Early Florida Medicine


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I long to hear whether James is at the Springs, and how
my dearest Mother is in this fine autumn weather. I am
also extremely anxious to know something more of Brother
Mann's movement. We confidently expect letters the day after to-
morrow. Shall we be disappointed? I have not received
one line from Emma Gilmer since we left home! Is this friend-
ship? However, I say nothing - it is not the first time in my
life I have given the gold, for a gilded toy…
Harriet H and Mary Ann Selden write kind affectionate letters, that
are a cordial to my heart. Be sure & get acquainted with Mary Ann
in Norfolk, & say for me to all my dear friends there, everything
that is tender and affectionate. Embrace my beloved mother for me
& give my best to Papa, & a kiss to Eston. Remember us to
all our friends in Lynchburg, for in spite of your malice, I think
we have some there. God bless you my dear girl. Ever with faith-
ful affection your own sister H.
If I say nothing more about it, bring out 6 copies of Woodbridges (little)
Geography, & six of Colburns first book.

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