To Mrs. Thomas Eston Randolph, sister.

Date: September 6, 1829

Series: M75-86 - Randolph family.

Papers, 1820-1978.

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Early Florida Medicine


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afraid to speak of what is justly the most interesting of all
I think Mary has improved &
unfolded, in mine and character, very remarkably in
the last six months. She will make a very rational, useful woman.
Arthur is doing well with Mr. Kane. He is at home today as usual
& desires his loves. He has never had a day's or an hour's sickness
since we left home. I believe I told you that I had promised
to take Mr. Same Parkhills little boys, as well as his daughter when
we open school. I think it will be an advantage to Eston, and
you must not object I will promise to make them obedient chil-
dren (notwithstanding their evil gender) both to you & myself.
I cannot tell you what a favorite Mr. Parkhill has become with
me. You must not think it is because I have heard of his say-
ing some pretty little compliments to my sweet self, that I have
discovered the gentleman's good qualities; setting aside all that
he is vey charming fellow, & I am delighted that we shall
have him so near a neighbor. The great pleasure he has ex-
pressed at this very circumstance is one of my reasons for liking
him. Perhaps you will think a better is his having offered, and
even pressed his services to assist - in putting up our house. this
in such a pushing man as he is, was real kindness. of course
we did not accept however ----- I shall be able
at last to have a school room after my own
plan, a thing I have always wished very
much, for there is a great deal in the shape
of a room, more than inexperienced persons dream
of. It will be an oblong & attached to the house
by a little covered way. I think I will have a
pulpit at one end for the purpose of delivering my lectures
with more convenience Professor Harriet!
but you will be here to give your vote in all these arrangements before
the room is built. I brought a very fine hydrangea and an
orange tree from Ramblers Rest, & (as soon as we get an enclo-
sure at Ethelmere) I mean to send up for a variety of slips
Mary Hackley promised me. Dr. Willis too, promised Elizabeth
and myself a choice collection of flowers and shrubs this fall.
I mean, in a year or two to have the most celebrated gar-
den in the country, talking of flowers reminded me that
there are no bees in this country, and I must therefore request you
to bring me out a cake of several pounds of yellow wax. I can bleach
it you know as I want it. Do not forget this pray - I have been
a good deal crippled with the rheumatism frequently this sum-
mer. Not much in my face, but a great deal in the back of the
neck and across the shoulders. Yesterday I could scarcely use my right
arm, & one knee (oh how vulgar) is habitually stiff & frequently
very painful. If we had remained in Virginia I really think
I should have been quite disabled this winter. Since the
rainy season left us the finest of the weather has realized
all we ever heard of the Florida climate. It is a pleasure simply
to breathe such an atmosphere.


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