The Fate of “Miss Chase,” the Obstetrical Mannequin.

Date: July 19, 1956

Series: S 900 - Florida State Board of Health Subject files, 1875-1975.


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Early Florida Medicine


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Copy Savannah, GA.
July 19 - 1956
Miss Hazel Corbin,
Director Maternity Center Association
48 East 92nd Street,
New York 28, N.Y.
Dear Miss Corbin:
Was so delighted to receive your
letter of July 11th a few days ago-but
distressed to hear of your brothers [sic] death.
The practical nurse with whom I stayed
at 633 E. 48th Street fell down the several
steps and had to be taken to the hospital.
Of course I had to find another place,
hence the delay in receiving your letter.
When the Florida State Board of Health
building was being renovated the man-
-nakin was stored at Ethel Kirkland's home.
I am writing her via Air Mail to have
it expressed C.O.D. to you and I will send
you my check when I know the cost.
I expect to have the patent protected.
If at my death I have anything
left it will go to four of my very dear
cousins. In the event the patent is ever
sold there will be some percent on each
mannikin [sic] sold. I do want that one fifth
of that small amount will go to

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