"Why the Doll Had Been Made".

Date: ca. 1951

Series: S 900 - Florida State Board of Health Subject files, 1875-1975.


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Early Florida Medicine


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if I would sign a paper and return immediately they believed the patents would be granted in a few weeks. At the time the letter came I was not well and signed the paper after merely glancing at it. When the patents arrived a few weeks later I was distressed at what I had foolishly signed. It sounded as thought the midwives were to do internal examinations. Actually, I suppose it would not make for (?) as, if I should sell the patents I would surely explain that the granny type midwives, have their license revoked if it is discovered that they make the internal.

Miss Corbin, I want you to know how very grateful I am for having had the training in the (?) clinic and Maternity Center. Many times wards are inadequate and this in one of them. You may have forgotten, but I haven't that you told me that Dr Cosmack (?) had given me a good mark on the oral examinations. It was so sweet of you and I needed that encouragement.

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