"Save me from my friends."

Date: November 20, 1888

Series: S 577 - State governors' incoming correspondence, 1857-1888.

County Correspondence - County Boards of Health of: 1888 Escambia, Putnam, and Volusia

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Early Florida Medicine


“Save me from my friends.”

- Yellow Fever-


[left margin, partially illegible}

Da: Moore a boarder in Pt. Ho.

Dr. Cozmer [?] from J’Ville.

reported the latter case

in Times Union.


Nov. 28 th. 1888.


As refugee in this locality from

the dire scourge that has so heav-

ily visited Jacksonville. and is now

casting desolation and gloom

throughout the city suburb. I write

appealing to the health authorities

wherever they be to see to the condition

of matters here.

The locality is normally re-

puted exceptionally healthy, but a-

about three months ago fever broke

out among refugee boarders in

Mr. Petersons house. and not with-

standing the unquestionable danger

to his immediate neighbors and the


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