Patent for Obstetrical Apparatus.

Date: May 1, 1951

Series: S 900 - Florida State Board of Health Subject files, 1875-1975.


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which may remain in the uterus and require the
services of a doctor.
Referring now to the fetus doll 17, this may
Have a separate head and body, the head prefer-
ably having a rigid molded shell 29, shown in 5
Figure 4, covered by a soft rubber-like skin ma-
terial 30. The shell of the head is formed with
a recess 31 in the region of the fontanelle, which
receives a suitable cushion 32 of rubber or like
material, the upper surface of which is flush with 10
the general contour of the skull and is overlain by
the skin material 30. Thus, the fontanelle is not
visible but can be detected by pressing the skin
30 with the fingers.
Back of the lower lip 33 the shell 29 is formed 15
with a cavity 34, over which the lower lip is
stretched, the lip being part of the skin material
30, and therefore flexible. The eyes, nose, mouth,
ears and fontanelle constitute land marks which
the student midwife can learn to identify by ex- 20
ploring with the hand through the vagina while
the instructor holds the head in different posi-
tions on the inside.
The depressible lower lip is an important fea-
ture of the intention in teaching the management 25
of the infant's head in a podalic version, in which
the head must be turned and the chin brought
close to the chest to avoid the risk of choking.
The instructor having pushed the legs and body
of the fetus doll through the vagina from the in- 30
side of the body cavity, the student explores with
the fingers though the vaginal opening from the
outside, identifies the mouth, and puts the finger
in the mouth by pressing against the lower lip,
then presses against the lower jaw with the finger, 35
tilting the head in a forward direction. The
exploration by the hand of the landmarks of the
head may be made quite realistic I the head has
been previously coated with a suitable paste re-
sembling in constituency the vernix caseosa. 40
The head is flexibly joined to the body in such
a manner as to move relatively thereto in a front
to back direction, and the arms and legs are flex-
ibly jointed at shoulder and elbow, and hip and
knee, respectively. The legs 35 are joined to 45
the lower portion of the trunk forwardly of the
medial longitudinal transverse plane of the trunk,
as shown at 36, so as to define prominent but-
tocks 37 to the rear of the legs, a feature of im-
portance in folding the fetus doll into parental 50
position in the placenta, and for other purposes.
The body, arms and legs of the fetus doll are pref-
erably covered with a soft flexible waterproof
coating, such as latex or similar material re-
sembling skin. 55
Reference is made to cpending application Se-
rial No. 190,858, filed by applicant on October
18, 1950, which discloses the mother manikin 1.
While I have in the above description disclosed
what I believe to be a preferred and practical 60
embodiment of my intention, it will be under-
stood by those skilled in the art that the specific
details of construction and shape of the parts
may be altered without departing from the spirit
and scope of the invention. 65
What I claim as my invention is:
1. In an educational device for teaching mid-
wifery in combination, a doll simulating the fetus
having flexibly joined head and limbs and adapting
it to be folded into a prenatal position, a cord 70
simulating the umbilical cord connected at one
[right column]
end to said doll, and an envelope simulating a pla-
centa connected to the opposite end of said cord
adapted to be enfolded about the folded doll, said
envelope having contractable [sic] edges, and means
for drawing said edges together into a closed
mouth adjacent the head of said doll.
2. In an educational device for teaching mid-
wifery as claimed in claim 1, said envelope on its
outer side having a circumscribed area of mate-
rial resembling the cotyledon axially opposite the
mouth of said envelope when the latter is in
enfolded position with respect to said doll.
3. In an educational device for teaching mid-
wifery, means simulating a placenta including a
substantially flat disk-like sheet adapted to be
enfolded about a simulated fetus to enclose the
same, having a contractable [sic] edge, means for
drawing said edge together into a closed mouth,
said sheet having a circumscribed area a mate-
rial simulating the cotyledon on the outside of
said sheet axially opposite said mouth.
4. in an edicational device for teaching mid-
wifery, means simulating a placenta including
an envelope formed on inner and outer substan-
tially flat congruent disk-like sheets representing
the amnion and chorion membranes, secured to-
gether at the middle region and having free mar-
ginal portions, said sheets being adapted to be en-
folded about a simulated fetus to enclose the
same, means for bringing the edges of said sheets
together to form a closed mouth, said outer sheet
having on its outer side a circumscribed area of
materials in the middle region resembling the
cotyledon, a cord simulating the umbilical cord
connected to the inner side of the inner sheet in
the middle, said inner sheet having an area sur-
rounding said cord having the outlines of veins
and arteries.
5. In an educational device for teaching mid-
wifery, a doll simulating a fetus, having a body,
and a head and limbs flexibly joined to said body
to enable said doll to be folded into prenatal atti-
tude, said head including a rigid shell formed
with a mouth cavity, and a flexible skin material
covering said shell including said cavity, said skin
material having a mouth slit over said cavity de-
fining a lower lip portion depressible by the finger
to admit the finger to said cavity.
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