"Divine Guidance" September 4, 1933.

Date: Unknown

Series: S 900 - Florida State Board of Health Subject files, 1875-1975.


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Early Florida Medicine


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the frightened cow began to run. Finally the nurse got the cow in a corner of the fence - and she laughed and said "well I got enough for the patients coffee anyway."

Show pictures of nurse in starched uniform and cap. Then chasing the frightened cow. And finally cow in corner of fence being milked.


In visiting a rural community for the first time I stopped a colored woman on a country road and told her the names of the midwives in that vicinity. I asked her if she knew of any other persons, men or women who were catching babies. She asked are you the doctor woman? I told her no that I was a SBH nurse, who helped helped [sic] the midwives by teaching them and sometimes visiting their cases. She said that there is a woman been mighty sick and fits. Did she fall and bight [bite] her lips I asked and - who conjured her. The woman said "Thank God' you know.' an' please go see her now." Of course I supposed the sick woman had had eclampsia and guessed about the [kunjure?] part. Found the home very near to a tobacco field.

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