"Divine Guidance" September 4, 1933.

Date: Unknown

Series: S 900 - Florida State Board of Health Subject files, 1875-1975.


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Early Florida Medicine


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No 2 Times of Devine Guidance

1- When I received a call to go the La Belle during a flood when the Caloosahatchee river overflowed, I went th othe P.O. in Ft. Myers to talk to the mail carrier from La Belle. He was a tall man. I asked him if [I] could go back with him and he said yes. "But we will have to wade in water up to my waste [sic]." Said he would leave at 3:00 PM - I knes I would be a handicap to him, but told him I would meet him at 3:00 unless I found another way to go. As I was leaving the P.O. a man said to me, "I heard you and the mail carrier said and know you must be a nurse from the Fla. State Board. I also know that two cars came in from Labelle this morning. This is the way to go. Leave here going over the bridge at Jacks Creek, go about 5 miles and watch on your R where the grass is bruised and mashed where the 2 cars from La Belle came. Something told me not to go by the Jacks Creek way so I went around it. Afterwards I was told the water over the bridge was six feet or more.

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