"Divine Guidance" September 4, 1933.

Date: Unknown

Series: S 900 - Florida State Board of Health Subject files, 1875-1975.


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Early Florida Medicine


[torn] beneficent providence and guidance in [illegible] deaths of dearest and that seems like a dream at times.


In Sept. 4 1933 when a hurricane was brewing I was at the hotel in Live Oak. My suitcase was packed and was waiting for work from the S.B.H. Suddenly I heard water buckling in the bath room. Something had hit the roof but fortunately it was over the bath tub. About eleven at night the call came from Mrs. Laurie Jean Reid, Director of Bureau of P.H.N. She told me to come to Jax and leave my car at the SBH and go by train to W Palm Beach and report to the R.C [Red Cross]. Before we finished talking the telephone was out. When I went down stairs the clerk warned me not to go. Said some miles from Live Oak a big bus was standing on end, practically submerged. He said that the place could be used as a hold up. Said lights were hung up to show how to go. The hotel garage was L shaped. When we went to get my car, one half of the garage was down. When I got to the place where the lights were I stopped to get my bearings,and another car came up and stopped. I lowered my window and told them I was a State nurse on my way to Jax, and asked if I could follow them. They were two men trying to get to Boynton as they couldn't hear from their relatives. They were very nice and said by all means to follow them, and that they would wait for me if I stopped and help me. They were going to stop in Lake City to get some sleep. Drew sketch of lights.

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