Letter on the End of the Civil War in Florida, 1865 (Page 3 of 4)

Date: April 29, 1865

Series: (M90-15)

Lincoln Letters

Lincoln Letters

Letter on the End of the Civil War in Florida, 1865

been as kind to him as if he had been my brother

I think the negroes have been telling some tales if they have he ought to see that it was all to [?] ____ ____ and get the advantage of me when they were whipping Albert and Jim and Frank they told Albert and took Jim off to talk to him [?] some of the rest cut him loose and he ran away after he got through with them he called Stephen and he ran away two

they will either go to you or try to get to the yankees the latter I think for they have been preparing to go some time I want you to keep a sharp look out for them and shoot them if they attempt to get away I do not want Albert to come back at any mater [?] I hope the yankees will shoot him I do not want you to tell Spooner all that I have told you for we will not make our bread if some person does not attend to it for I am not able to attend to it this ___ ____

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that I have keept could in for which I am very thankful I wish you or Jack [?] could come home and see a little [?] ___ farming into [?] for i am getting very uneasy about it do come if you can I suppose if we are subjugated the negroes will be free and we will lose our land and