Letter of November 6, 1860, from J. D. Pittman to My Dear Mother (Page 2 of 4)

Series: N2005-9, Box 3, Folder 64.

Lincoln Letters

Lincoln Letters

Letter of November 6, 1860, from J. D. Pittman to My Dear Mother

Much of the text of Pittman’s letter of November 6, 1860, is missing. The following transcription comes from the second, third, and fourth pages.

. . . but I assure you my expenses here this year will necessarily be great. I have bought a few things only, that I could have got along without. My expenses next year will be two hundred dollars less than they are this year. I will have 44 dollars to pay on my board the 1 st of January, and 44 on the first of April. You can send me a hundred dollars about Christmas to pay my board for the whole year, or you can send 44 dollars to pay three months board. You can do what is . . . .

Today is electionday, and I reckon Lincoln will be elected. If he is, I reckon we will have to quit this University—take muskets and go to fighting! I hope this will not be. We will know tomorrow whether Lincoln is elected, for if he carries the State of New York he will be the next president. Give my love to Aunts Caty and Peggy, and also to Sister Annie. Did Mary B. come back with you? If she did, tell her to write to me.

Write soon and tell me how you get along.