Letter of December 4, 1861, from J. D. Pittman to Dear Mother (Page 2 of 4)

Series: N2005-9, Box 3, Folder 74.

Lincoln Letters

Lincoln Letters

Letter of December 4, 1861, from J. D. Pittman to Dear Mother

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His name is Mr. Weeden. He is one of the nicest young men I know of. He says I must go home with him. He lives in Huntsville, Ala. All his folks are Presbyterians; I go with him to the Presbyterian Church every Sunday. [2]

Some times I go to the Baptist and the Episcopal. I must go sometimes to the Baptist for Miss Bibb belongs to that church, and I intend to go there with her occasionally. But my Virginia sweetheart belongs to the Presbyterian Church. I was there with her not long ago. She is sick now. We have the best Presbyterian minister here I ever heard; his name is Dr. Hoge. He preached in New York for ten years, but Virginia is his native state, and when she seceded he came back to his old home. He delivered a beautiful farewell sermon to the people in New York City the very day the Battle of Manassas was fought. He says there are very few preachers at the North who preach the word of God. Dr. Hoge preached a beautiful sermon on fast day. He thinks we look with too much contempt upon the enemy; he thinks this will cause the Southerners to become careless. He says there are a great many


[2] Henry V. Weeden of Huntsville, Alabama. He later served as a surgeon in the Confederate Army.