Letter of October 13, 1861, from E. J. Blackshear to My Dear Daughter (Page 3 of 4)

Series: N2005-9, Box 11, Folder 9.

Lincoln Letters

Lincoln Letters

Letter of October 13, 1861, from E. J. Blackshear to My Dear Daughter

Page Three


Ben and Ned have both been a little under complaint, but both seem to be well again. Ned goes about singing to the air of “old Dan Tucker”

“Lincoln lives in Washington

In the breech of a “long tom” gun

Bye and bye as I’m a thinking

Off they’ll touch it and good bye Lincoln

Yaw, yaw, ye bold Bull runners} Chorus

Wait a wee for the Terrell gunners.”} [2]


Two or three deaths occurred during my short absence, all in the vicinity of Mr. Holmes’ Store, Mrs Brantley was one, I do not know who were the others. I hope, my dear baby, you will not forget the advice I have given you from time to time. An intelligent woman who is also industrious, and skillful in useful employment, is intrinsically, valuable, and if amiable will be lovable, but good character must crown all these else they lose their value, and prudence is one of the steps in securing a good character. A woman discreet and prudent can get along pretty well without a college education, but one with the education and wanting discreteness and prudence is scarcely a gainer by the education.


[2] “Old Dan Tucker” was a popular antebellum minstrel song. Ben and Ned are E. J. Blackshear’s sons, Benjamin Hamilton Blackshear and Edward Jefferson Blackshear Jr (Ned).