Letter from Rahn to Michel, 1960

Series: (Series N2009- 3, Koreshan Unity; Papers, ca. 1887-1990.)

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Koreshan Unity

Letter from Rahn to Michel, 1960


2012 28th Avenue, Vero Beach, Florida
March 3, 1960

Dear Hedwig:

Your letters of Feb. 12th and 19th are before me and I have given them careful reading, specially the latter one. I have made a copy of this latter letter which I enclose to refresh your mind, so that you will know just what you wrote, since your letters were in longhand.

In view of all our talks in the past with which Laurie, of course, is familiar, and in further consideration of the proposed plan of the Florida Audubon Society, I am convinced that your plan to form the “Koreshan Foundation” is a logical, practical and effective method to perpetuate Koreshan Universology for the benefit of the future information and needs of all people as they become more enlightened concerning the great scientific truths of which they are presently so deeply in ignorance. Furthermore, such a Foundation would be formed as a non-profit organization, thus freeing the present members and its officiating personnel from the constantly increasing taxation by the county, state and Federal governments.

In forming such a Foundation I should like to make the following suggestions:

1. That all real estate and property or housing situated thereon be included in such a Foundation with EXCEPTIONS AS FOLLOWS:

(a). The land and fixtures now being used as a trailer park be left to remain under the ownership of the Koreshan Unity, Inc.
(b). That the beach house and property known as “The Rising Tide” be left to remain under the ownership of the Koreshan Unity, Inc.

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My reason for these two suggestions is that they may continue as a source of revenue for the time being for the benefit of the members of the K. U. as long as they survive, as possibly they would need such revenue.  If or when membership of the K. U. should cease to exist in the passage of time, these said properties could be disposed of and the proceeds added to the resources of the Koreshan Foundation.

2. I believe as Laurie has suggested that certain portions of the K. U. land holdings, if and when they are merged into a Koreshan Foundation, should be expressly consigned in perpetuity to the Foundation. I suggest as follows all the following land to be so perpetuated:

(a) All present land holdings now owned by the Koreshan Unity, Inc., along the east side of the state highway from the Estero river southward to the Immokalee road.

(b) All land enclosed within the following general outline: Along the south side of the Estero river, from the Bridge on the state highway to the westward, up to and including the present site of what was formerly known as “AMity” [sic]. From here starting at the south side of the river and extending in a straight line due south, to what would be the Immokalee road, were [sic] the latter extended across the state highway to the west. Then extending said line eastward along such Immokalee road (were it in existence), until the state highway should be reached.

Such property would comprise an approximate square or rectangle.  As such it would incorporate all that well beloved land which for the past 65 and more years has been the sacred home and heart

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of the Koreshan Unity, where great sacrifice, love and generations of endeavor have characterized the efforts of Koresh and his followers, most of whom have passed on.

All other properties with exceptions as noted above could as opportunity presented be disposed of and the financial proceeds so acquired become funds of the Foundation to ensure its perpetuity and other non-profit endeavors of the latter.

The Koreshan Foundation should as you say revolve around the central purpose of disseminating the basic truths of the Cellular Cosmogony, and the universal knowledge involved in Koreshan Universology, which probably may not be clearly understood without some comprehension of the true form and function of the Cellular Cosmogony.

No doubt the Florida Audobon Society would be able to contribute considerable of its fine purposes of conversation and extensive biological studies to the Koreshan Foundation, but such contributions and support as they would see fit to give should be secondary to the basic Foundation purpose, namely , preservation and dissemination of Koreshan Universology,

The set-up and practical working of such an arrangement as outlined above would, of course, devolve upon legal guidance and safe guards.

Frankly I must confess I am not a fit person to resolve a working or practical plan for the future of the Koreshan Unity, since I lack experience and Imagination.  But personally I rely greatly on the Divine guidance and providence for the preservation of the sacred land of Estero.

Please keep me informed as you have leisure.
Love and best wishes to all.
[Signature] Claude

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Estero, Florida, Feb. 19, 1960

Dear Claude:

Thanks for your letter. I was wondering how you got over the flu. I am certain that the duties with your Art Club are helping to get back on your feet better than nursing a cold, or whatever. Laurie has days when I think he is improving, and other days when he is looking just frightening.  All in all the stay in the beach house relaxes him, and to get to where he was before the grape days and week in September that will take time, if he ever reaches that point.

To the Audubon proposition: Laurie read it last Sunday. We talked over details. First off: the whole set-up, as far as we are concerned has to be, not an Audubon, but a “Koreshan Foundation” affair. I saw Parker Holt who will now work out the Koreshan Foundation Idea, a non-profit corp. to fill the gap where the Koreshan Unity, Inc. leaves off, mainly in regard to tax exemption. Koreshan Foundation as an education foundation should be the future head organization after we are all gone—so it seems to us.

The Nature Center would be one of the programs to include. But what we still should under-score is the study of Koreshan Universology, possibly scholarships guaranteed by the Foundation, also encouragements given to any scientific group who would undertake to repeat the measurements.

At the Audubon meeting my friend from Rollins College introduced me to Prof. Olive, a trustee of the Pennsylvania Harmonite Memorial. He was tremendously interested to get an idea of the Koreshan work, and he wants to come in March to visit us, together with Prof. F. J. Hanna and Mrs. Hanna. She is a member of the Florida State

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Park Board, he vice-pres. of Rollins College. Prof O. told me in detail what all the State as well as the Federal government pay out for the Harmonite Memorial. He thought some similar pattern should be used in our case. I emphasized that we will not be a museum piece, dead, though of interest as an historical epoch in the development of the country. Ours is as much of the future as it is a creation of the past, fully living after we are gone.

What I would like here to point out: to get the cooperation of the Audobon people with their plan of Nature Center (that it) should not terminate our attempt to spread the doctrine or out operations in Estero. We should establish the non-profit Koreshan Foundation to strengthen OUR plans for the future of Koreshan Universology. We should be able to include into this building of the future besides the Audubon Society any group of progressive minds wherever to be found.

The proposition of the Audubon Society needs to be reworked in that direction. What do you think about it?
Give my love to Elizabeth. Good she held the fort while you had the flu-bug.
Best to both of you.
(Signed) Hedwig.