Board of directors meeting minutes, 1952

Series: (Series N2009- 3, Koreshan Unity; Papers, ca. 1887-1990.)

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Koreshan Unity

Board of directors meeting minutes, 1952


Estero, Florida.

The Five Hundred and Eighty fourth Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of The Koreshan Unity, Inc., was held this day, Friday Febr. 1, 1952, predated one week, to take advantage of the presence of the Vice President, Claude J. Rahn of Vero Beach. The president, L. W. Bubbett, in the chair called the meeting to order. The following members responded to roll call:

L. W. Bubbett
C. J. Rahn
Hedwig Michel
Anna W. Lewis

The minutes of the previous meetings were read and accepted.

Motion was made by Hedwig Michel, seconded by L. W. Bubbett and carried unanimously that the president be empowered to look into the matter of the future preservation of the Koreshan Unity, Inc., that he be empowered to contact authorities for possible perpetuation of the home ground as a historical and botanical monument, perhaps as a Memorial Park of the State of Florida.

It was also discussed and agreed that steps should be taken to reorganise [sic] the work of the store, restaurant and rooming house (Store II), to ease the burden of the work of the secretary and treasurer, who is still in full charge of managing all activities located in the store building.

Motion made by Hedwig Michel and seconded by C. J. Rahn was carried that we adjourn to meet again on the second Friday in March, which is Friday March 14, 1952.

[Signature] Hedwig Michel, Secretary