Rahn’s retelling of a History Class in 1906-1907

Series: (Series N2009- 3, Koreshan Unity; Papers, ca. 1887-1990.)

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Koreshan Unity

Rahn’s retelling of a History Class in 1906-1907


History Class-1906

Stewart Bosenquet, always eager to teach and encouraged by Berthaldine, began his history class again. The previous year he had one and it proved quite interesting to those who cared to attend. Stewart had travelled extensively and was familiar with a great deal of past history. His accounts of his travels in various countrys [sic] also gave an added interest to his classes. He began his class a little after I got to Estero, the subject under consideration being the history of Egypt. There were about 15 in our class, mostly young people including Richard, Bertie and Imogene. One night each week was devoted to our class and we made notes as we went through from one dynasty to another until we covered the entire subject. This consumed several months, and it was well on into the following year (1907) that the time came for each of us to write a composition on the [?] Egypt from the information we had gained during the previous months. Each prepared his manuscript, and a time appointed when the winning one would be read at an entertainment. A program of music was also prepared, and members of the Unity were invited to come and hear the prize essay read. A committee was appointed to select the prize essay, but whose it was not supposed [?] to reveal until after the reading. The band was stationed on the flat floor and after the introductory selection, Etta Silverfriend advanced and began the reading of the essay deemed the best. What was my surprise when I quickly recognized that it was mine she was reading. I had no idea I would be the successful one, and after the reading completed, Victoria called me to the front and presented me with a large boquet [sic], likewise Bertie Boomer, whose composition was considered second best. Other members completed the entertainment.