Letters Relating to the Civil War Service of William T. Stockton

From: Stockton, William Tennent, Papers 1845-1869, Collection M88-21

Letters Relating to the Civil War Service of William T. Stockton


Address Block 11

Johnson's Island near Sandusky O[hio].
Dec. 11th 1863

My dearest Wife,

I earnestly hope that you have received at least one of my letters from Chattanooga- They were intended to inform you, that I was unhurt, though a prisoner- My imperfect recovery, had left me so weak, that I was unable from Exhaustion, to leave the field, when all was lost in our part of it- Our three little Regiments behaved well, but we were left alone- Two of my men, were killed at my side, while successively attempting to assist me- I wrote & sent word to A. Harris, to sell my horses & forward you proceeds, and send Ed. home with my baggage- My trunk is at Atlanta, in charge of McNaught & Ormond- Write to Harris to attend to this- You had better dispose of the property in Fleishman's hands- It will be necessary to your support- If you can ascertain the full address, initials &c of Voorhees, the husband of Cousin Kate Williamson, in Philadelphia, send it to me- We can only receive any thing from relatives, and as I lost every thing at Misy Ridge, it behooves me to get the address of such relatives as can aid me, consult my Brother as to others- I will write to Princeton, only in the last Event- We have been as well treated as circumstances would permit- The weather is now mild- All the officers from Quincy, here, are looking well- All correspondence is examined, before passing in or out- It is limited to one page- Dr. Munroe will tell you how to forward your letters to me- Be of good cheer, the skies will brighten again- My dearest love to you and my children- Most affectionately Mrs. W.T. Stockton (I enclose 2 stamps)

W.T. Stockton
Lt. Col. 1st Fla Cavy

Quincy Fla.