First Act of the Territorial Legislature, 1822

From: Acts of the Territorial Legislature and Acts of the Legislature, 1822-Present, Series S222

First Act of the Territorial Legislature, 1822


Law shall be involved, of difficulty, it shall be certified and adjourned
over to the Judge of the Superior Court, after verdict and the sentence
of the Inferior Judge, respited until the opinion of the next Superior
Court shall be given, and the prisoner detained in custody, until it shall
be made known to that Court.

14. Be it further enacted, that there shall be appointed two
Solicitors, one for each of the Circuits aforesaid, who shall act as Attorney
for the Counties and Circuit Courts, and shall receive each Three hundred
Dollars as a compensation annually, and Five Dollars for every judgment upon an
indictment for crimes, and misdemeanors and motions, to be collected out
of the judgment against the Defendant, and should it not be recovered
of the Defendant, to be paid by the Territory.

15. Be it further enacted, that the Judges aforesaid, shall
receive for their Salary, Twelve Hundred Dollars, to be paid quart-